Welcome to the Z-Team! You and your ragtag band of survivors may be humanity’s last hope! The zombies are endless, so there’s no shortage of targets! Level up, collect new team members, and take out as many zombies as you can and prove your team is better than the rest!
Stay focused, take aim, and don’t forget to RELOAD!


Each survivor will bring their own style and weapon to the fight. Succeed by putting together your a winning team!


With 6 different zombies and bosses to boot, you’re in for a wild ride! Can you survive?


Each survivor has a unique ability, from team-wide buffs to field-wiping explosives, they will help you deal with the horde!


Pack your van full of powerful game-changing items!


Zombies getting you down? Prestige and upgrade to become more powerful as you pick and choose the upgrades that will build a stronger team!


Constant support means new survivors, bosses, and new challenges along the way!


What is the difference between Auto & Auto +:

The Auto feature in the game is unlocked after passing day 15. When activated, it will automatically shoot zombies for you during the day — however, you will need to upgrade your team members in the mid-run screen yourself, as well as manually begin the next day.

The Auto+ feature can be purchased or you will receive at day 100, it will shoot zombies, and spend coins for upgrading your team, creating an automated and balanced leveling up system for your chosen characters. This feature only works while the app is open on your device.

Are you experiencing the following?  You may have your settings in Auto +:

  • Every time I complete a day my coins reset to zero before it goes to upgrade screen.
  • Game won’t allow me to make money. Keeps taking my coins.
  • Game currently not giving me all the coins I earned in each level.
  • The coins I earned from regular zombie kills sometimes disappears when level finishes.
  • I watch the Van video to get coins and it always disappears after van ride ends.

How to change/upgrade the team?

When you return to the upgrade screen after finishing a day, you will see a “Prestige” button down in the bottom right hand corner. Tapping Prestige will remove any current damage upgrades you made using coins, and put you back to day 1, but it will give you some powerful “Prestige Tokens” to permanently upgrade your character. You can do this by tapping on the “Survivors” button, and then tapping on the button in the skills section for your preferred survivor.

When you attempt to start playing again (Tapping on the “Start” button in the top right hand corner) you will be prompted to select your team members!

The game is not loading?

Our team is currently investigating this issue and working on an update, but in the meantime, you can try logging out of your Game Center account through the settings, and logging back in. Also ensure you’re running the latest build from the App Store.  This has worked for others with this issue.

I have lost my game data/ is it possible to reset game data?

If you are using a Game Center account all saves data is tied there, or locally if you’re using a Guest account. Please note – If you are using a guest account, then deleting the app will also remove the save data, unfortunately.

I have no sound?

Currently the app is set to suspend any other audio interactions (With the exception of Alarms, Alerts, and Phone Calls). If you have lost sound completely please email support@reloadzt.com

How can I upgrade my characters gun?

Certain character’s weapons have different stats, which you can check when you return to camp after hitting the prestige button and hitting the “Survivors” button. There’s a ton of characters to choose from, and some with different reload stats.

I watched the ad for the Van and I did not get my coins.

If you are watching an ad for the van coins, those coins will be used automatically to upgrade your characters right away, so that’s why it appears as though they weren’t added to the total.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always happy to hear from you!

Contact us at support@reloadzt.com

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